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11 thoughts on “contact

  1. I went to have a look at the electricity substation on Eagle Road, whose enhanced picture you published. That substation has now disappeared. So, for the historical record, could you please send me (if not publish) your ORIGINAL (i.e. un-enhanced) photograph? Thanks!

    • Look on the page called Photographs, the photo is there and one of its replacement. Not a great photo as taken into the sun, early one Sunday morning and the street is narrow and I was avoinding a wall on the conrner. But going back to try and get a better one I found it gone!!!

  2. Great site – very interesting. Can you please help? Researching an old pottery in Copeland Street – any ideas please when electricity first came to this area? early 1930’s?
    Be grateful for any help you can give.
    Many thanks

  3. Was good to see and hear your presentation at the Pecha Kucha event last night. Bidding you much wellness, and yet more aesthetically pleasing sub-station finds.

  4. Dear Ms. Cooper-Willis,

    In admiring your many works available on internet today, I was stunned to see your photos of the L’aile des femmes in St. Lizier.

    I myself did a photo project there, following you in 2004. This project resulted in an exhibition which can be seen at

    I also absolutely loved your YouTube video at the 5th Berlin Biennial. Many thanks for the laughs it evoked.

    Rachel Brown, Wellfleet, MA USA

    • Dear Rachel,
      many thanks, I found the Aile des Femmes a very haunting building. I wanted to go inside, but my friend is an upstanding member of the local community and didnt think it would look good if she was found trespassing!! Your photos are lovely, and Im pleased to be able to see the upstaris. I suppose it is all trendy flats now…
      Looking into lunatic asylum policies in 19thC I was amazed to find how huge they were, and how largely women featured in their populations – I tend to take a cynical view of these things.

  5. I myself was stunned to find drawings and a couple of paintings by Van Gogh of the asylum at St Remy de Provence showing how similar it was to St Lizier’s; generic architecture of its time.

    At St Lizier, perhaps you know, there was also a small building for children, but at the time I found it too painful to record. Now it is probably too late.

    • Oh we didnt find the ‘Aile des enfants’… Sounds awful; who would have been sent there I wonder? Orphans, excess children of ones dead relations?
      Your photos were on display at the time we visited I think. I must have been there in the summer of 2007 or so.

  6. The show toured the southwest of France in 2006. What a coincidence that you saw it right there! How did you and your friend get in? I had to go through a lot of rigamarole to have someone let me in every time I wanted access. I think I made 5 or 6 visits over two years. Your friend must be very important.

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