Deceive/ Disclose

A fine exhibition with Pic n Mix in the Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, led by Peter Lyons.

What lies behind the masks we wear?

How much of what we choose to disclose of ourselves is lost in translation?

Are we more naked than we hope?

How much of what we expose to others is obscured by their own projection?

Four Bristol artists explored their perceptions of modern life, how we humans forge our way through the maze; the politicking, and posturing, the hubris, and hypocrisy. In the shifting hall of mirrors which is society people assume masks to delude others about their true being, to present themselves ‘in the best light’.

My work was an investigation of the way insecurities are exploited through images; slickly enhanced photographs of glamourised young women infiltrate our minds to the extent that normal human bodies now look ugly; we are enticed to emulate stereotypes which are no longer human but constructs.

`Pic n Mix

`Pic n Mix


the Exhibition

Installation view

Jeans ad

Jeans ad

Jewellery ad

Jewellery ad


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