The Postcard is a Public Work of Art

Invited by Jeremy Cooper to contribute to his exhibition, at X Marks the bökship, The Postcard is a Public Work of Art. One has to think, in these days of ‘nanny state’, ‘thought police’ and other intrusions, not to mention the current poor state of education, whether the picture postcard is actually a safe means of communication; misinterpretation of the images they convey is all too possible and easy.

It seemed, then, only sensible that a government office should be set up to oversee these potentially damaging and dangerous items sent through the public postal system and visible by any casual passer-by. Hence the Viewer Advisory label which can be applied to any picture postcard deemed, by an independent, trained expert employed in the Post Office, potentially harmful to the viewer, society, or the environment.  As a result, deleterious, uninformed interpretation of  images on postcards could be mitigated if not completely averted.

Mobile Library, Gold Coast

Mobile Library, Gold Coast



Winter Sun

Winter Sun


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