Holy Souls

A group exhibition at Start Project, it was based around the Holy Souls photograph. The entryway to the space is through a room which was a vintage shop and  still held oddments of furniture and stock. How to make this into a serious annex to a fairly serious minded exhibition… The solution was suggested by Tommy Cha.

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

The show was curated by Tommy and Carol Laidler to lead the viewer in a very defined path around the room, but first they had to spend time in the Waiting Room. People were called to enter the exhibition space at random, some spent a while sitting, and felt neglected and bullied, some went straight in.

The Weight of Their own History

The Weight of Their own History

The viewer was confronted by a row of unopenable doors; a reference to Sartre’s Huis Clos, his play of the afterlife, doors that dont open, and hell being other people.

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
Holy Souls

Holy Souls

'Airside' and 'His feet on my legs in his shoes'

‘Airside’ and ‘His feet on my legs in his shoes’

'Airside' and waiter waiting

‘Airside’ and waiter waiting

'Neibeneinander' and 'Nice'

‘Neibeneinander’ and ‘Nice’

also doors from the other side.

Tommy Cha's exquisite video piece I

Video II

Video II

The show was in fact a meditation on mortality and transience. with the anteroom and the video piece providing  counterpoint references to eternity.


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