I’ve Got It… You Need It

This print came from a commission for a cover. It started with the badge.

Then of course the wearer of the badge had to have a tie and therefor a smart outfit, his clothes are my father’s; a genuine 1960s brocade Beatle jacket and a silk shirt.  He then acquired a parasol and a  background (from an old collage of Hotel Land). This person is protected from the lurking dystopia by the parasol lined with flowers. He is happy; perhaps he has what I yearn for.

My father has Alzheimer’s and dementia, he lives in some sort of a state of grace, trying to be accommodating and to do what he thinks is wanted of him.

This is a three colour Risograph print, the machine is an obsolete, early colour copier, the paper has to be put in again for each colour so gets a little out of register. Its been beautifully done at City Edition Studio, I am super-pleased with it.


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