Two Books About Dates

Books are way of turning a virtual collection into something physical and of imposing a particular viewpoint on the material through the way it is organised and presented. My aim was to make the books distancing and dry. These two books are hand made and time consuming to construct, ‘…they look precious’. This preciousness is based on the time expended in their construction, the  dates also clearly  refer to the passage of time.  As in On Kawara’s date paintings, each date is a day that has passed into the increasingly distant past, thus we are now that much closer to the end than we were at the given date.

Twelve months on the Pavements of Paris (2012). A book of colour photographs of dates stamped into the pavements of Paris. They are ordered by month they are ostensibly boring, though they have their variations and minute interests. Dates always refer to time; is my birth date included, what happened that day – to me, in the wider world? These dates were carefully made on the stated date, for some formal purpose and according to some sort of bureaucratically engendered  ritual. There are shades of the Situationist derive in this book.

The distance between two points is a line (2012) Another book of dates ordered by month. The trace of the same route across a single field is recorded in 33 photographs which were taken between January and June one year.  The seasons pass, time passing is recorded.

The addendum:

The dog was walked every morning between 7.30 and 8.00

The path taken across the field was visible in the dew

The aim was to make that diagonal a straight line

The dog died in early January


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