Gold Standard: Dark twin

Gold Standard is an installation of gold cuboids made of light card which stand up because of their shape, but are actually very flimsy.  This material is made for Benson and Hedges cigarette boxes, I use the ends of the rolls. The installation Is built up in response to the space available, it has been shown four times changing with each (Daylight Robbery, Hackney Wicked, Glove Box, The Trial), its configuration determines ones path around the space. Though it is only light card, it seduces by its looks and we obey. A structure which has no authority but takes command; it orders and expects to be obeyed, it takes up space as though rightfully; we acquiesce and are controlled. Gold Standard was so named because of what the phrase implies and because clearly the phrase exactly describes the work, yet the work is clearly exactly not what the phrase implies.

Dark Twin is an evolution of Gold Standard. Boxes in crisp, matt, black paper of the same shape and size as the gold ones but much lighter; a Jungian shadow of hubristic Gold Standard. Towers of gold boxes surround the black towers, protecting them from immediate view. The golden boxes look imposing substantial, gorgeous, but they are hollow and sham, their coherence is false, they are empty and light. Seeing the fragile black towers we might understand too well the confidence trick of the whole structure, so the gold boxes stand guard  and protect their ‘shameful’ twin.

The black boxes have a wonderful lightness, the paper they are made of can only be about 90 gsm, but yet they have a very perky resilience due to the stability of their shape. Over time they have become crumpled and abject.



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