A sudden rush of Postcards to the Head

As a fundraiser for our MA show to be held here in Bristol in June, an anonymous Postcard sale was organised by one of the more acute members of our group, and a fabulous success it was too.

We all contributed at least a card and got gifts of cards from all sorts of other artists as well – 179 cards in total in the end!!

So I started making my card but found I couldn’t stop..

Surbiton – a lovely holiday destination
An abandoned house I found in Clinton, NY.

The House with the Photomural

I felt this image made quite a haunting postcard.

Including Toast Card, box and Printed portrait postcard.

The Toast Card

The Toast  Card took a certain amount of research to achieve satisfactorily

I was really pleased with the three cards above, particularly Surbiton which I felt had an austere minimalism about it.

These next cards were less ‘serious’ more just fun,

All going - youth, beauty....

Going, Going… A Thomasworld denizen feels oblivion closing in

A three-dimensional effort using a small piece of train I found while out dogwalking.

A  vintage sentimental card

Not Now

Find the child’s apparent glass eye.

Another sentimental vintage card

Not Now

Then came a call for cards for the Spike Island Open Studios event. I contributed an adaption of a particularly fine card I bought in North Carolina in the summer. Author Amy Mason then wrote suitable messages on the backs of all the contributed cards. The cards could be laid onto a scanner of some sort and details of the artist contributing the card came up on the screen – very nifty!

What a fine card

The Ethel Percy Andrews Gerontology Centre University of Southern California

Amy Mason’s text

Im not sure she realised that Southern California is pretty hot…

Got  vandalise some more postcards – its addicitve!

PS Random Postcards’s call for such was of course irresistible, so three more cutouts on the fragility of human life


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