small books for Experts

A call from Anna Francis for small objects related to hotels got me started. Having just made a book about hotels and some rather ridiculous post cards very small books seems to be the ideal solution. So found a nifty way of folding a sheet of A4 into a nice little book with quite a few pages, which could be glued into a smart cover. As author I designated myself  ‘noted hotel expert’.

13 Postcards of Hotels never sent: why would one keep an unsent postcard of a seemingly completely dull multinational hotel? Each card brings back memories of the reasons why it was never sent, but the reader must make their own guess as to the actual circumstances of the non-sending. The postcard, a stereotype of trite communication, is used to confound that stereotype.

Great Hotels of the World: iconic five star luxury hotels. The delights of each are carefully described, is this all just marketing; they appear to be identical? All situated with no sensitivity to their surroundings, dominating their locales.

A Warm Welcome Awaits: photographs used to advertise hotels on their websites and  presumably viewed by the photographer as tempting. A mediation on the impersonality and desolation of a hotel bedrooms.

Hotels are places of transience, we all have memories of hotels; of fabulous holidays, traumatic events, lucky business deals, strange conferences, fluke meetings. Each book considers hotels from a different viewpoint, the books have a certain ridiculousness, but there is also thought about how we inhabit, use, and desecrate our surroundings.

Two more titles accrued:

The Elsewhere Necktie Archive, my drawings of ties done from life while in North Carolina

The author of this book was designated ‘noted necktie expert’

26 Police Uniform Jackets donated to Oxfam is the fifth title, it contains some drawings of police jackets donated to Oxfam, as well as one of a pair of trousers which somehow got in, and all the details from their labels. The author here is a’ noted thrift shop expert’.

These books are now available exclusively at the noted and  most interesting  Bristol shop Blaze Studio.


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