drawings of Police Jackets

Spending time working with police  jackets which had been donated to Oxfam, I decided that drawing them might be of interest. A portrait of each, arranged for greater gravitas, after the advice, in Brecht’s play, of the actor to Alberto Ui, ; fold the hands over the male sexual organ.

The idea was of monotony, to break the boredom barrier, to see if over time the drawing might change. After around 40, I looked back, the first dozen or so were clearly rejects, the rest were just there. Not sure what to make of them I stopped – too early. The display was grid-like, the grid, prison-like. The concept was a phalanx of policemen and how they might block access, or fill a space.

Drawings in the window

The grid

Drawings as a barrier

More drawngs

More drawngs


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