The first show  of our MA Fine Art course, Why let the Truth get in the way of a good Story, took place in the skittle alley of the Great Western Railway Employees’ Social Club. A magnificent place with gothic windows and a slightly ecclesiastical air, to be found halfway up the ramp leading up to Temple Meads, it is in the undercroft of Brunel’s original (wide gauge) railway terminal building.
Scaffolding was made of light,  silver card, the same dimensions as the real stuff.  It was an attempt at producing a structure which demanded respect despite its flimsyness,  generally took up too much space, asserted itself  and got in the way.
A sad end note is that the club seems no longer to be extant. At the beginning of June locks were discovered to have been put onto the front door and the owners of the building were unable to contact the club. It had been such an active place,  on skittle nights it was heaving with engaged enthusiasts, both lanes in use and much socialising in progress.

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