Telephones in Marrakesh

In November, took a trip to Marrakesh to help artist Alice Forward with her gold leaf interventions for the Marrakesh BiennaleArts in Marrakesh (AIM).

Staying at the Rhiad el Fenn (words like ‘achingly’ and ‘cool’ spring immediately to mind) it was slightly like Beauty and the Beast, we of course in the role of Beauty.  All our wants  provided for but we met no other artists and saw no art. Perhaps we just werent cool enough? Fortified by magnificent cinnamon flavoured porridge we just went forth and did what needed to be done.

Alice decided to work in the Cyber Park , the intervention was to gild scars on some of the trees  in the park. They were subtly spectacular and poetic when finished. The gardeners were very friendly and we chatted to them (in awful French) as we worked in their garden.

Three of Alice Forward’s  Gold Leaf interventions in the Cyber Park.

This park is sponsored by Maroc Telecom, it has free wi-fi,  a cyber-parlour of computers and a number of on-line terminals dotted about  the gardens. At the entrance is a small museum of historic Moroccan telephones.

Sketches of some telphones.

My contribuiton was to make a paper model of a telephone and put it in a hollow tree at the other entrance to the park.


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