never ending multi-story

Invited to contribute to this exhibition held at the airspace gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, I built an installation out of light, silver card – as large as could fit into the space.

The thought was based around how buildings can be designed to impress and awe those who see and use them. Banks require impressive, sturdy buildings to express their solidity.  The business plan depends on this faith and the bank falls apart when customers decide their mattresses are better places to store  money. In Albert Speer, Hitler found someone who could build for him a capital of such impressive grandiosity it would completely subdue any potential opposition to the will of his Reich by foreign governments or his population. Governors of Berlin were aghast at the destruction these plans entailed.

Built of totally unsuitable material my structure vainly endeavours to look heavy and  monumental, its flimsy transience emphasised by the open back.

The human desire to extend control into the distant future is inevitably subverted by passing time; ultimately all exercises of power are doomed to failure in the physical world (cf  Ozymandias).

The end.


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