Etchings, Aquatints and Exhibitions

One useful thing done over the summer was a trip to Scotland to visit Dundee Contemporary Arts and specifically their wonderful print studio. With expert help and advice from the ‘manager, Anni, I managed to produce an aquatint and a paper lithograph.

The aim of the image was to see how aquatint tones could be combined with stencil with a complete absence of line. This was a view out of my hotel window in Waterbury Connecticut, the very American industrial/ office buildings presented such blankness, an air of being closed in upon themselves.

Waterbury CT

Waterbury CT

This paper lithograph is a ‘quick and dirty’ interpretation of home-made camouflage outfits displayed in an exhibition at the Imperial War museum. I found them very striking, again they are expressionless and decline to engage with the living.

It seems that Scottish ghillies and game-keepers were recruited to train the army in the arts and uses of camouflage and stalking. There were no regulation outfits for this at the time so troops hand painted their own in shades of kahki, black and greenish. The white suit at the back was for troops in the Arctic.

Camouflage, WW1

Camouflage, WW1

Waterspout (etching aquatint) was made during a week of printmaking at Heatherlys in Fulham, and a well spent week it was too, in the summer of 2006. It was printed ‘Chine Colle’: two colours of hand made paper laminated onto the print paper wile it goes through the press.

This little head is in the museum at the Bishop’s Palace at St Lizier in the foot hills of the French Pyrenees. There were two of them together; in their petrified howls.


This is where the ‘exhibitions’ part of the title comes in; This etching aquatint and Waterbury, above, have been accepted for the Stoke Open and will be on view at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery from 27 Septemeber for a wee while.


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