Royal West of England Academy

Having been sent the call for entries for the Royal West of England Academy’s summer open, Through the Lens, by our head of department, it was no surprise to receive the thanks-but-no-thanks answer. The delightful surprise was receiveiving an email amending the reply and asking for two photographs to be delivered ready to hang to the Academy in Bristol. The opening was 7 June.

The full exhibition can be seen online at (Im at the end of the first page)

Peering through a window under the archway leading into J.H. Weatherby and Sons. The factory closed in 2000. It was recently destined to become apartments; but the company went bust.

Stoke-on-Trent has many redundant pottery factories, some acquire other uses; or parts of them do. In these fine Victorian potbanks the stillness and emptiness is palpable. Sun streams in but there is no memory of the cacophony and activity of their previous lives. They just wait.

A flaming Tuesday.

I wander unheeded, there are voices –

somewhere in the building.

Draped forms wait patiently,

Like Arthur’s knights,

For the miracle that may occur.

This photo was taken at the old Price and Kensington factory.


2 thoughts on “Royal West of England Academy

  1. i love this. i worked on many of these potbanks…as a your appentice, i remeber the vibrant lively workers inside. and the smell of the ware, the slip, the glaze…another happy secret world still colliding with my current one here in 2009

    • I remember the smell of handpainted gold – turpentine; so evocative, and the paintresses were so amazingly skilled, painting the most delicate sprays with stuff like black treacle!!!

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