A New Experience

An exhibition of work by the Barracks life drawing group, at the Borough Museum and Art Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme. This fine show includes three of my life studies, two in ink and one graphite, looking very formal now framed.

The show is based on working with a model who has never posed nude before, as well as all the art it includesa poem she wrote about her feelings and how they changed and developed over a couple of months. As members of the group are arranged around the model to draw, so the work is arranged around the walls so that the viewer finds themselves in the place of the model, being gazed at by photographs of each artist.

I have been doing life drawing for many years, sometimes they get better and sometimes worse. The figure is in many ways the most exacting thing to draw, it is imediately apparent when one does not get it right. Regular drawing does keep the eye and mind alert, drawing does also have a meditative quality about it.


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