the end of the year….

Friday was our end of year show, a fine display of work by around forty second year Fine Art students at Staffordshire University. What diversity, what breadth of interests.

My Spitfires took a large amount of space, hung at nose level in the middle, and were suitably in the way. In their ghostly whiteness they are identical but individual, afflicted but equal; like human souls. What I like about ceramics is that one has to surrender control to the kiln at some point in the process of making. In this it has something in common with printmaking; the outcome is never completely assured (or at least its not at my level of skill).

Also on display were the stencils made for the desolate village scene (Pashino mentioned in the first helicopter post) which featured the helicopters, they returned to their roots as drawings, the cuts being another way of creating a line. The stencil parts cast good shadows and combination with pen drawing was quite interesting.

WordPress lost all the content I put on this post last night ( despite my having saved it, or so I thought) and now is opening the picture adding window so low down on my screen that I cant get to the photos I want to add, of the exhibition peices, so for now this is words only. Will try again anon. But now Ive managed to circumvent its coniption, so pix there are. So Im slowly getting better at dealing with this beast and bending it to my will.


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