Berlin 5th biennale, 2008, 1

                                  Mudrak, 2008, Vertigo

A departmental outing to the Berlin biennale; artveiwing on an industrial scale; it forms a soup in the mind, but a few standouts (lumps of proteinacious material, to co-ordinate with the metaphor). Coinciding but not attached was Christl Mudrak’s installation at Field, Vertigo, and aptly named it was.

                            Mudrak, 2008, Vertigo

The space was lit with neon tubes (see photo above) which further added to the dizzying effect. Talking to the artist, she said some visitors had found the installation so disorienting they had to leave imediately.

A dance performance had been held here, which must have been very interesting, we considered this in relation to a gravity-free (free fall) dance performance, the result of a science/art co-operation. (I dont have the references – can anyone suggest?)  



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