Helicopters and the Sublime

Helicopter scroll

A section of the helicopter scroll; they fly above a sublime horizon. To display them in a suitably meditative mode, a viewing box was constructed; cardboard box and pin-wheels. Put an eye to the peep-hole, turn the handle and the scroll is wound slowly from right to left. A light illuminates the screen as they pass before your eye.

The view box.

(The wines clearly had been ‘quality’, they came from the Sunday Times Wine Club. The elastic connecting the wheels should have been knicker pink, but Bath Market did not strech to such).

One engages with these things in the expectation that something will happen. There are no surprises here, the helicopters simply keep passing. To get from one end of the scroll to the other will take a very long time.
This could be about default. What do we do or allow to happen in our name by default? In winding the scroll one is seeing what will happen, but also setting the helicopters on their warpath.

Well to me this had a pleasing quality of boringness. If this is moving pictures how is it possible to get excited about them.


3 thoughts on “Helicopters and the Sublime

  1. Frustrated, as I had thought up a rather portenteous post whilst lying in bed and now cant remember what I meant to say. It was alliterative involving Helicopters, Hotels, Hovering, Horizons etc
    It had something to do with the meditative quality that you evoke.
    The pink knicker elastic was symbolic. (note your use of limited colours)
    But all now muddled and confused.

    And I hadnt realised that ‘Shek’ is yiddish for fear.

  2. How sad you forgot!! So much wisdom must have fled with the dawn…
    Relation of pink hotels to pink knicker elastic…. not sure, different colour, the knicker variety is always that particular peachy colour.

  3. A proto-revolutionary
    Sexually precocious
    Oh so human
    Bleeds over the greys.
    Peach doesn’t seem to work here.

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