Helicopters go on and on

Hoteland I and Walpaper border I

Lots of very boring publicity postcards for anonymous modern hotels from around the globe. Without looking at their addresses there was no possibility of guessing their country.

Somehow the helicopter stencils and the hotels fraternised on my desk and so we end up with helicopters displaying the enticing words from the backs of the postcards.

Pittsburgh Hilton helicopter

(I’ll put a better pic of this up when I get back to mine own computer)

Each hotel has its easy access by pedestrian crossing. The hotel stencils were themselves nice objects, crisp and more coherent than the images made from them. They seemed to add dimension to the frieze.

The combination of hotels and military helicopters brings up lot of questions:

What are the costs of mass-market, manufactured luxe?

Erosion of cultural identity?

Erosion of personal freedoms?

What is worth fighting for?

Easy questions, particularly from the well-off, indulged, Western European point of view.

No such easy (sentimental?) answers from the point of view of poverty stricken people and those ruled by divisive, kleptocratic or repressive governments.

Hotle stencil with pedestrian crossing

The hotel stencils looked good in white on black, where their crispness was not an issue, the crossing created an interesting depth.

This was made as a foil for a ceramic Spitfire.

Ceramic Spitfire on Hotel background

Sudden inspiration took me to Ceramics to make the Spitfire, a Stoke-on-Trent icon, this being the home town of Reginald Mitchell its designer.

The crossing is leading to the plane; an encouragement to its use.


3 thoughts on “Helicopters go on and on

  1. I’m feeling a bit intimidated by the sheer artiness of this post. However I can relate to RJ Mitchell as I spent a large portion of my youth making Spitfires and related models. He was indeed a Stoke local although tragically died at the age of 42.

  2. Im sorry; I have lots of things queueing (Spitfires in flight etc) up to go on and havent been dilligent. Will be getting to next wk…

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