The Helicopters take off

To give the sense of monotony and to emphasise the modularity of it’s components I used stencils and spray paint to interpret some of the components in scene. The helicopters above a horizon on a 10m roll of paper produced something like a wallpaper border.

Helicopter scroll, 2007

A happy charity shop find of postcards of hotels just had to join in; more stencils and deliberate monotonoy. Repetition is the basis of this work, it relates to meditation and how repetition is used to still the mind.Clearly this has the potential to be, and look, pretty boring, but a closer glance will reveal deviations from exact repetition; like traditional Middle Eastern carpets or Japanese ceramics (the Buddihst concept of wabi sabi, relating to impermance) where the artist deliberately introduces irregularities or flaws to eschew perfection (not that I’m in danger achieving perfection) and create a subtle interest.

Hoteland, collage 2007

The use of military imagery gives the work a political air and spending time thinking about it, I have found multi-layered possible interpretations. This oblique approach is seen in Thomas Demand’s ‘The Embassy’ (2007), a photograph of a model of the Niger Embassy in Rome which he visited in order to try and find the roots of a canard about Saddam Hussein attempting to import yellowcake uranium, thought to have originated there. The rumour was used one of the justifications for invading Iraq.

Thomas Demand, 2007, Embassy 1


5 thoughts on “The Helicopters take off

  1. This is wonderful – more please. Can you reference some of your sources which are unknown to me. Can you put up a picture of the repetition of the helicopter stencil?

  2. Thanks v much – I will put in the refs. which ones in partic are you talking about? Demand, Bechers and Thos. Jones are to be found on the web – which is where I picked up these pix.
    Actually they were incorporated into an essay I wrote last term.

  3. I think you should put the images in actual size if they are not too big. Thumbnails are best for very big images that will not fit onto the layout.

  4. Congratulations, you’ve really got off to a “flying” start (pun intended). I’d been blogging for months before anyone left a comment. Looking forward to reading more posts.

  5. That was excellent!
    I never realised how deep and sensitive you are. Your prose makes the noble bard seem like a tabloid headlines.
    PS What were you on about?).

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