Hello world!

I’m welcoming myself to WordPress…

Have to get some thoughts together on Art etc – assuming that there is any Etc when it comes to Art. In these days of conceptual art it would appear that actually EVERYTHING constitutes art; nothing is excluded from the category of art,  if I so wish.

In fact I’m finding that the highroad of art leads to many strange byways. Starting to write an ‘Artist’s Statement’ brings an ‘ohmygod’ moment when one discovers one is revealing much more than one might have intended about the ‘me’. Partic. having rather eschewed the ‘personal’ in my artistic endeavours.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well, I like your pictures on flickr! The story of this work could I think be a little more straightforward as in Times speak-in other words a bit more simplified and explanatory….tsk tsk here I go again.

  2. I’m just doing my ‘Artist’s statement’ and it feels pretty weird – and assumes that I don’t feel different almost moment to moment about what I’m doing – ah well, we have to go with the conventions. It was really good to meet you other day – perhaps we can have a coffee sometime – I’ll no doubt see you around the Uni – Tone

    PS my webs are a bit out-of-date – I don’t seem to have any time these days to post anything fresh

  3. Great to make it to your website. I am lookimng forward to your continuing journey across the skies! Love the Spitfires and their shadows – quite surreal – like Hitchcock’s birds.

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